Advantage of Using a Flexi Circuit Over a Regular PCB

Flexible circuits are commonly known as light weight and thin electrical circuits that are available in contoured shapes. The circuits are manufactured using conductive strips of copper which in encapsulated with an insulating dielectric material made from polyimide. The biggest advantage of using polyamide lies in the fact that polyamide is an excellent insulator that allows the circuit to bend, withstand high temperatures and resist contamination.

Functions of flexible circuit

  • The main purpose of flexible circuit lies in the fact that it carries power and electronic signals
  • They are quite similar to PCB’s but has more flexibility
  • Using a flexible circuit design eliminates the use of smaller and less expensive connectors
  • Flexible circuits make mechanical flexing an easy job
  • Lastly they known to shield radiated noise for EMI. They offer a multitude of possibilities for different kind of products and designs. The beauty of this design lies in the fact that it delivers the best attributes of wire and cable connected along with PCB’s in one inter-connected solution.

Advantages of Using Flex Circuit

  • One of the main advantage of using a flexible circuit design lies in the fact that they are70% lighter than normal PCB’s
  • It offers designers a lot of flexibility by providing them with the ability to solve packaging and interconnection issues.
  • Since the material is very thin, controlling or handling it would be easy and it would allow a designer to experiment with lots of different options.
  • The material also allows advanced 3D packaging owing to its thinness
  • Flexi circuits are great for electrical integration which means it is easy to create tailored solutions from different type of materials
  • Polyimide dielectrics have the incredible capacity of withstanding high temperatures for higher power applications
  • Flexi circuits offer a lot of cost and space saving options and can save up to 60% in space and 30% in cost.
  • The reliability of the circuit increases when you use flexi- circuits and wiring errors are eliminated.

There are countless assembly options available for flexi-circuits and in addition to election components; a variety of mechanical or electrical devices can be attached to a flexi-circuit. With proper design, a flexi circuit can handle dynamic flexing, which makes it ideal for interconnect solution for moving electronic parts. This is just the tip of the iceberg and with proper design and imagination the scope of a PCB flexi circuit is limitless.