Is Your Business Running On Space Saver Tyres?

Isn’t it amazing that when you need to hire someone urgently to fill a gaping hole in your organisation, there is always someone available who is a Perfect Fit?

You do a quick CV screen, quick phone screen, and interview the candidates and hire one.

And this candidate is a Perfect Fit. How could they not be? After all, you’re a great person, and you wouldn’t make a bad hire. You wouldn’t let a bad hire through the CV screening, phone screening, and in-person interviews. You’re not dumb. It would be impossible. Therefore, every person you hire is a Perfect Fit.

And sure, even though there are some odd things that happen in the candidate’s first 90 days, they’re not outright awful. Imagine not having them around? Okay, so they’re fucking up on the job daily, but at least SOME work is getting done. Without them, nothing would get done.

Anyway, we don’t have time to fire them and hire someone else. We’ve got to get this project finished right now! And now that project, and now that project, and wouldn’t you know it, they’ve been here five years! So now, you just say “of course they have their faults, but they’re part of the company culture now!”

Remember that time you got a flat tyre, and found out that your spare tyre was a tiny little Space Saver? And you needed to be somewhere in an hour, and the tiny little Space Saver tyre was a Perfect Fit. It got you to your appointment on time, and then to the tyre repair shop too.

Why didn’t you keep the Perfect Fit Space Saver tyre on the car? Why did you replace it with a new tyre from the tyre shop and then forget all about the Space Saver again?

The Space Saver is good enough to get to the next tyre repair shop. It’s not intended to help you reach the other end of the country.

The Space Saver limits your speed.

The Space Saver reduces the safe handling of your car, making you more likely to crash.

The Space Saver puts extra load on the other three good tyres, which increases the risk you’ll need to replace them next. But that’s okay because maybe you can fit another Space Saver on that wheel too.

Check your business for Space Saver tyres.