Catching up, some recent publications:

I’d been hearing the phrase Persian Palace thrown around for years, and though I didn’t love the style, I also didn’t love what people believed the outsized homes meant about Persians, as a people. I decided to dig into the origins and found myself deeper into my culture and my upbringing than I had ever been. I comfortably included bits of my personal experience into a soft-hearted piece of work, knowing I could trust the bitter take of the broader zeitgeist to reveal itself more fully in some of the harsher comments.

Here, some #longform I wrote for Curbed in December:

Also, very proud that my Farsi skills helped me land the best sourcing I’ve seen on the subject #straightbragging.

Maybe I was primed to think about my identity as a brown woman and a journalist after writing the Curbed piece. Whatever the reason come January, freshly laid off and feeling rather… refreshed about it, I couldn’t stop thinking about my profession and how it is part of my identity, but not all of it. And like many others, America in 2017 felt new, unusual and somewhat fearsome to me.

I thought about how my beliefs were formed. I was raised by (extremely cool and smart) immigrant parents to believe myself to be an equal to everyone around me and to always stand up for equality. Journalism always seemed a natural fit for me, but I felt a tide of discontent and fear forming in many of my diverse colleagues. I felt it myself.

So, I wrote this for The Columbia Journalism Review:

The responses were remarkable.

I’m working on a follow-up for CJR now, and will share that, too.