The unregulated cryptocurrency market is a thieves’ paradise: last week, exit scammers at the Vietnam-based “Modern Tech” made off with $660 million, a small chunk of the potential billions of dollars already stolen this year. The most widespread form of crypto hack is phishing attacks: the “wallet address” is a cryptographic hash that is unreadable to humans, and it is impossible to determine from a wallet address alone that you are sending currency to the person you intended. …

The twitter botnet Bitcoin Con

Amidst all the controversy about Russian bots interfering with the U.S. presidential election, Twitter botnets are being used with a much more straightforward goal: making money. If you follow crypto news, by now you’ve likely heard of the infamous Twitter impersonation con. The concept is simple: a scammer “piggybacks” a tweet from a popular Twitter account (such as Elon Musk or Donald Trump), using a copycat account with a nearly identical username and profile. The copycat makes a proposition: send a small amount of crypto to my wallet address, and I will send back a much bigger sum as a…

susan, akbarpour, mavatar, comedy central
susan, akbarpour, mavatar, comedy central

Susan Akbarpour, Mavatar CEO, had a few minutes of fame being featured in the latest episode of Comedy Central show: The Opposition, hosted by Jordan Klepper. The episode covered topic on Silicon Valley’s War on Men, where Citizen Journalist Tim Baltz sits down with female members of the tech industry to discuss the impact of sexism on Silicon Valley. It was disclosed in the show that Only 5% of the startups have a female founder.

Some online reviews on Susan’s performance:

On Tuesday, October 24, Mavatar CEO, Susan Akbarpour, attended CoinAgenda, the first conference for Bitcoin Investors. The 3 days conference was held in SLS Las Vegas, Convention Level.

CoinAgenda Global is a new conference that combines the historic mission of CoinAgenda and BitAngels to connect and inform investors and entrepreneurs in the bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors with three first-of-a-kind, mini-conferences within the main event.

Susan spoke in a spotlight panel on Blockchain and Advertising as part of ICO Bootcamp session along with Gurbaksh Chahal, Dmitry Malyanov , co-founder, Adhive, Colin Pape , CEO, Presearch, moderated by the Founder & Conference Director, Michael Terpin. Susan shared her views on Blockchain revolution in advertising industry: “Blockchain won’t give a facelift to outdated Push Advertising models — It disrupts them!”

susan akbarpour mavatar shayan zadeh coinagenda
susan akbarpour mavatar shayan zadeh coinagenda

Silicon Valley start-up takes on establishment, pushing consumer–centric & 360 commerce

Menlo Park — Sept. 28, 2017 — Mavatar received the prestigious IMPACT17 Disrupter of the Year Award in recognition of its innovative its B2B Software Solution; “Decentralized Retail Marketing Attribution Protocol and the State of Art Underlying Technology” at the Internet Marketing Association (IMA) annual awards celebration held on Sept. 29, 2017 in Las Vegas.

Yesterday, Snapchat revealed their first hardware product: a pair of sunglasses that shoot first-person bursts of circular, wide-angle video. Even though this product will probably remain a toy for a small number of users, I love the idea and the direction the company is moving towards.

Here is one suggestion I have for the Snap team though. Instead of shooting a 10 second video when I gesture, I think you should be constantly shooting video and only keeping the last minute of it. When I gesture, I want you to save what just happened, not what is about to happen.

I am often asked what is the hardest part of being an entrepreneur. Over the years, based on my own experience and watching startups I invest in or advise, I have come up with the following 4-level log-scale framework.

1000 Level — Engagement

The single hardest thing to do as a founder is to envision and build a product that customers will “engage” with. It’s important to recognize that different products and industries have different levels of usage requirement for the product to be viable. …

Photo Credit: Leo Guan

Last night, I attended the San Francisco Symphony opening night gala, a celebration of great music in the beautiful Davies Symphony Hall and the only time you see a large crowd of nicely dressed up people in San Francisco!

After the intermission, the program continued with Three Movements, a 1986 score by American composer, Steve Reich. And it turned out, Steve was in the audience last night. Sitting there listening to his work from 30 years ago. All I could think about was whether he wanted to change anything about it!

Every time, I have looked at my creative work…

Simply put, the United States legislature was created to acknowledge the many problems and issues faced by people from all walks of life, and come up with sensible solutions that address the needs of most while preserving the rights of everybody. New solutions are legislated into writing, in a way that’s consistent with past legislation.

If your job is to develop software, the above description may sound weirdly familiar. …

Shayan Zadeh

CEO @LeapRail - Previously CEO @Zoosk

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