1. Read: Summer Habits

Reading is one of my favorite things to do year round but summer seems to lend itself more completely to it. I also know people who don’t love reading so I have some suggestions forReaders AND Non Readers (NR).

Bible Reading:

Starting my day with my Bible is a must while drinking my first cup of coffee. I also have a couple of additional habits I practice: copying scripture and reading a devotional. It helps plant my feet on solid ground and lift my spirit before kissing little faces tiptoeing down the stairs.

If you’re a NR, no worries. The YouVersion Bible app has an audio feature so all you do is listen. Isn’t that handy? There is a kid version as well, and my children love listening and gaming from their devices too.

Novel Reading:

When it comes to reading novels, it has to hook me from the first chapter with story and characters. I don’t like a lot of setting descriptions, and I love a happy ending. When I find a great book, I read it every spare moment finishing fairly quickly. I even make myself stop reading until I’ve completed a certain unfavored task. Here are a few of my favorites lately~

I’m also a two or three books at time kind of reader. While reading a novel, I can handle two non fiction reads as well: usually related to parenting/homeschooling. Here are a couple of my favorites of all time~

Audible Reading:

Did you know listening to Audible is reading too? And there is no need to pay for an account. Just shop Amazon just like you do on a daily basis :) looking through book choices with audible choice. I am listening to Worthy right now for $1.99. Can’t beat that deal! Once you have purchased the audible version of the book, download it on your audible app and listen away. It’s a great option for reading while driving, exercising, or chores.

I hope this list inspires you to read something during your long summer day! Next up…. EAT.

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