Think like a Lion

Adopting the mindset of the king of the jungle..

This post is very off-topic with what I usually think about, but it has been ever apparent in my mind recently. And what better way to get back into the flow of writing after a considerable amount of time off than this?

Lions are top of the pecking order for a reason. They are the kings of the jungle for a reason. It’s not their strength. It’s not their speed. It’s not their stealth. It’s their mentality.

How do we try to instil this mentality to become the best versions of ourselves?

There are 2 questions to cover on this topic:

What is their mentality, and how can we have it?

The lion’s mentality is a superior one. They are powerful. They are efficient. And they are persistent. A lion knows his own ability. He knows where his strengths and weaknesses lie. For example, he knows that he is particularly adept at stealthily observing his prey, it’s patterns and it’s movements. He knows he is most successful hunting in packs. He doubles down on these strengths.

Sometimes, however, the lion does not manage to quite catch the fleeting gazelle. Does he feel sorry for himself? Does he beat himself up? Does he feel like a failure? No. He knows another opportunity will arrive, and he will learn from his mistakes to ensure the next one is a success.

How can we have the Lion’s mentality?

I believe there is a simple — not easy, but simple — 3-step formula to emulate the mindset of the lion and become the best version of ourselves:

  1. Mental Clarity
  • Form a clear and concise vision of what you want and who you want to be. Include all details.

2. Know it’s Yours

  • Envision it as already true. You already are who you want to be. You already have what you want.

3. Ignore Everything Else

  • You no longer waste the time or mental reserve for anything that isn’t contributing to your vision. No distractions.

Practice and preach these 3 pillars and see your life change before your eyes. Be the king of the jungle.

Once you are fearless, life becomes limitless.
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