How you can profit from the new Instagram-Stories and why it is a problem for Snapchat

As we all know, Instagram has just stolen Snapchat’s Story Function. It’s getting dangerous for Snapchat and it’s getting dangerous for Evan Spiegel!

So to understand the whole point you need to understand what happened before Facebook Inc. stabbed a knife into Snapchat. After Snapchat became more and more famous and more and more known, Facebook Inc. launched an App called Poke, which was basically a try to create an Snapchat-like Messaging-App. 
Poke died really fast and nobody really cared about that move.

What then happened was more important than the sad try to copy Snapchat. Mark Zuckerberg just offered 3 Billion $ to Evan Spiegel for Snapchat. If this deal would have been done by Evan, Facebook would be THE monopoly in Social Media. Evan rejected and then understood how important Snapchat is becoming.

And what happened then is just a few days ago. Instagram copied the Story Function of Snapchat. Sorry for being rude when I’m saying that it was like a “Fuck you, Evan” from Mark Zuckerberg.

So it’s getting dangerous for Snapchat even though some people are saying “this Instagram Stories are lame and I won’t use them”. Why? Snapchat has 110 Million Users. Instagram already has 500 Million and it’s not just Snapchat that‘s growing really fast. Instagram is growing to one of the most important Platforms in the world. Check it here.
So there are 400 Million monthly active users on Instagram which open their App and are directly confronted with Storys of their friends in the headline of the App. Why should it stay unused by those Users? Not every Instagram user is also a Snapchat user, keep that in your mind. So there are Millions, maybe hundreds of million users which now know the Story-function through Instagram. Sure they will stick to Instagram-Stories first!

This is how a InstagramStory looks like!

Just think about the numbers if you don’t believe me. Everybody I know and everybody who is known as a famous person or a star (except for DJKhaled) has more followers on Instagram than on Snapchat. So why should they leave this potential unused? Their Stories on Instagram will get more views and interactions than on Snapchat as soon as the Story function established itself there!

So now is your time to get a shot on Instagram and to get your followers to watch your stories. If you establish yourself now, your Stories will always be watched. As soon as there are more fish in the Instagram-sea, you’re just one of them and nobody will care about your stories anymore.

All in all it was a great move by Mark Zuckerberg and this move made Instagram more important than it was before. As Instagram gets more and more important Facebook Inc. also does.
Great for me as a Facebook Inc. shareholder. ;-)

But we have to admit, it might be a clever move, but they brought no innovation for us which is not cool.

Let’s see what will happen now. I am really looking forward to a reaction from Snapchats Evan Spiegel!

..psst…just one second.

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