Hi Shay, I came across your post while searching for information about Tulsi ; partly out of…

Sorry I missed your questions from a few months ago, dlbuenavista. I don’t check my Medium messages very much! Yes she did focus on Syria and the pipeline, calling herself a water defender, and yet when it comes to our state, she has not been engaged in our very severe issues: homelessness, loss of water rights, rat lung worm disease, substance abuse, having one of the highest costs of living in the country along with a lack of decent-paying jobs, and our high cost of living means that the ratio of student loan payments to disposable income in our state is over 30% -- the worst in the nation. We also lack opportunities for our young people — both those who go away to college and those who stay here.

When she was here in April, her response to “What are you doing for people here at home,” was that non-intervention in Syria will mean more money for domestic programs. Of course, that’s not how the federal budget works. Just because less money is needed by the Pentagon, that doesn’t mean it will suddently be available for the homeless in Hawaii. But even if it did, Gabbard does support war, just not war against Assad. She’s said over and over again that she supports military responses to ISIS and AQ, which of course would cost money.

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