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Charge your life

“Manage your energy!”

Many times, when we are trying to achieve a goal, we are trying to increase our productivity by taking control of our priorities (The order of the things we are doing) and distinguishing between what is Essential and what is Incidental. What should we say yesand what should we say “no in our life.

I found that managing my energy can further boost my productivity and life satisfaction.

Managing my energy means that I proactively take actions that increase my energy and in parallel reducing activities that suck my energy.
More energy for me means:

  • More motivation
  • More focus
  • More…

How do I do it?!

Recently I was asked to conduct a mentoring workshop for a leadership forum at work.

The preparation pushed me to reverse engineer things that grew in me for more than 20 years, but I do them on autopilot almost every day …

Below you can find the result — an easy to digest manual for mentoring and coaching that I hope can be of immediate service to you.

I will not dive into the difference between mentoring and coaching since I found that there too many different definitions, some of them even contradict one another.

What I will state is that both mentoring and coaching are activities for developing the skill of another person. …

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Become a Jedi Developer

Does this look familiar?!

Arriving at the office

Chit Chat with your teammates

Going over emails

Checking slack

Drinking a cup of coffee

Opening your IDE

Answering WhatsApp

Going back to your code

“What did I want to write?”

A colleague shows up at your desk with a question

“Going back to my code!”

Your boss/colleague reminds you that meeting you have

Etc. etc. etc.

As developers, our job is to solve problems, come up with solutions, and do so by writing code (preferably good and clean). …

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I remember the day I found out about Coke Zero

It was back in 2006. We were visiting Sydney Australia hanging with our good friends when I went to buy Coke Diet and saw the new black bottle of the Coke Zero. It was a love from first sight. Since that moment and for the next 7 years I was drinking Zero several times a day. I even installed a fridge in my Land Rover so when we travel, I will still get my little piece of heaven.

In 2013 after I suffered from deadly pains for 24 hours, I was diagnosed with stones in my kidney and they had to be removed by a very unpleasant medical procedure…

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(This is part of the Personal OS series that can be found here)

I’ve collected and prepared a list of habits and anchors so it will inspire and help you build your own habits.
Thank you BJ Fogg for inspiring me with many of the habits.

The habit formula is relatively easy to understand (and more importantly to implement) when we have many samples and templates.
So here is the formula together with a bank of triggers and actions that can help ignite your new habits.

For more on building habits and how to use the habits/Anchors see my previous post here. …

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(This post is part of the Personal OS series — start here)

As part of our personal operating system, we all want to build new habits and discard bad ones. Below we learn how to build new ones in easy 1–2–3 steps.

Before we start creating new habits, we need to understand how our brain works with regards to habits. (my 20,000 feet non-professional review, as I am not a brain expert):

Our habits are stored in our brain and are being “called” to serve us when their time “arrives”. We have several parts in our brains that were evolved over the years and are working separately, in parallel with different “algorithms” and purposes. Sometimes even with different directions.
For example, we breathe, eat, drink automatically. We don’t need to remind ourselves doing them (luckily), they are imprinted in the more older areas of the brain — the older the part, the more basic functions it handles, faster and more automatically.
On the other hand we “know” we should eat healthily, but this is a relative new behavior. And it is not automated for the most of us …
The new habits are stored in the newer areas of the brain and therefore they less automatic and triggered much slower. Therefore, it will be harder for them to compete with the oldest part of the brain and habits.
The more we practice those habits the deeper they will move in our brain and become more automatic. …

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The Power of 1 percent

(This is part of the Personal OS series that can be found here)

Many of us (hopefully) are familiar with the compound effect with regards to their bank savings:
“Deposit 100$ into your saving account and after 1 year you will get 105$” (assuming your bank is giving you 5% interest)
After 20 years you will have 265.3$. Which is 265.3% of your original investment. Nice.
This is what we call “let your money work for you…”.

What happens when you are taking the compound effect and apply it to your life. Your habits.
If you could improve only 1% every day, you will get an improvement of almost 3800% after just one year (1.01³⁶⁵= 37.8). WTF ?!
What will happen if you decrease your ability in just 1% every day? After only one year you will get down to 3% of your original amount (0.99³⁶⁵= 0.03). …

I’m a life learner. I’m trying to learn something new every day and improve myself.

In the last decade I’ve adopted and created many habits to improve my life and become happier.

In the technology community, we usually have a set of ground roles to help us develop and operate our software. We are used to having an operating system in our computers that help us operate a computer on a higher level and have a simpler way of working with it.

As humans, on one side, we have a biological ”operating system” as our body, a wonderful machine that knows how to operate,
and on the other side, we have a set of expected behavioral rules as our culture and society that expect us and drive us for certain behaviours. …


Shay Cohen

Life Learner. Problem Solver. One Life Live It.

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