Today’s Investment

I turn 31 on Friday, but I feel like I still don’t know how to be a productive adult.

There’s been lots of movement and change in my life lately — personal, professional, in that weird space that’s both personal and professional, and just in my mind.

The outcomes of these changes, as change tends to be, are still unclear.

This is frustrating to me.

I like to understand how things are playing out, why things are happening the way they are, and control them to the extent possible. Change driven by external forces is never easy — but especially not for me. If I can’t control them, I like to think through all possible scenarios so that I’m prepared to act when given a chance.

I’ve decided, however, that instead of focusing on the outcomes of the things that happened on any given day, I am going to focus on the investments I made that day and accept that outcomes and processes cannot always be known or controlled.

Instead, my evaluation of a successful day now revolves around entirely different questions — did I spend some time exercising? Did I make a good decision about what to eat (or not to eat)? Did I spend time with my family? Read interesting articles? Write something? Re-connect with a colleague or friend? Prepare or procure resources for an upcoming project? Go to sleep at an appropriate time? Offer advice or insight to someone?

If I did any one of those things, then it was a good day.

This post, now done, makes today a good day.