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Please forward this article to an abbott employee who should read this

Dear Abbott Like many others I have heard of the cumulative problems reported in the scientific literature lately regarding your molecular test for SARS-CoV-2, ID-NOW (1). First of all, it is important to note that your test is indeed a technological breakthrough for molecular testing. Achieving a genetic test result in 5 minutes is a huge step in the world of molecular biology. This is a new kind of isothermal amplification that you have patented, and your holding here the world record in terms of time of detection…

It is a fact that agricultural biotechnology fails to live up to its expectations. Even if there are groundbreaking developments, the cost of meeting the regulatory conditions is enormous and it takes many years to reach the market (and the market will eventually respond with fear and rejection). Only a few traits have managed to reach the field. Agricultural biotechnology potential is not realized, although it can help hundreds of millions of farmers around the world and become a leading tool in the fight against food supply risks.

However, in recent years voices have been raised claiming that it will…

Shay Fleishon

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