Brand Journalism and Why You Should Not Get on Board

With the increasing wave of content marketing and brand publishing, the marketing industry has been shaken up. Corporations are now heading their own “newsrooms” of writers generating content to snot peak on behalf of the brand but to drive a positive view of the organization. In ‘Why You Need to Stop Using the Term ‘Brand Journalism’’ Sam Pettula said there is no such thing as Brand Journalism because journalism itself is independent. Pettula said if your main focus is business, in the land of ROIs and profit lines, you are not a journalist. Public Relations Society of America supports the term brand journalism in their article ‘The Power of Brand Journalism’ and argues that brand journalism just refers to giving the readers content from something that they trust. PRSA said brand journalism entices action but is more informational than promotional.

My opinion is that it should not be a phrase. One of the definitions of journalism is writing characterized by the direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation. If a company is producing their own content than some form of interpretation is going on. The writer develops a piece of news in a certain way in order to inflict different emotions and results from the reader. There is more of a thought process going on in this practice than with traditional journalists. The very concept of the writer discriminating pieces of news because they might not fit with the company’s image makes this occupation not journalism. Overall, the author of the piece is not objective, they are getting paid by the corporation to generate content.

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