Hello, It’s me…

Hey Friends!

Welcome to my blog. Is this how you’re supposed to start one of these things? A little introduction? It only seems appropriate. I’ve never done a blog before and to be completely honest, it’s a little intimidating. I have a few close friends who have their own blogs and they are amazing! I love reading their posts but it never dawned on me this might be something I would do one day. Blogging seemed so “official” to me, like you really had to know your stuff in order to have a blog. But after talking to enough people about starting up my own, I realized there was really no wrong or right way to go about it. It is completely my own and I can talk about whatever my big ol’ heart desires. Oh, the possibilities!

For those of you who know me well, you know I could probably start up a conversation on just about anything (I get that quality from my Mom. I’m pretty sure the term ‘Chatty Cathy’ was made specially for her! Seriously though, her name is Cathy). I do have to admit the idea of sharing my experiences, inner thoughts and feelings on a social media platform makes me nervous. But here I am, writing my first post. Funny where you can end up once you choose to be liberated from the fears and limitations you unjustifiably place upon yourself.

The idea of starting a blog was presented to me a couple months back when I started my new bartending job at Four Peaks Brewery here in Tempe, Arizona. Four Peaks has been around since ’96, which means there are A LOT of regulars I had to get to know. I instantly knew they were frequent flyers of Four Peaks when I talked to them for the first time because they would usually laugh after I welcomed them in and asked if they had ever been to the brewery before. I got the same response almost every time: “Ah, you’re new here!” After a few rounds of introducing myself, explaining my background and that I was currently pursuing goals as a post collegiate pole vaulter, one of the regulars asked me a question which threw me off. It was not some bizarre out of this world question, it was very simple: “Wow! What you’re doing is really cool. Do you have a website or blog we could follow your progress on?” I’m not sure why this caught me so off gaurd. I just remember thinking in my head: “Huh? This person who doesn’t know me cares about what I’m doing?” Fast forward about two months and here we are!

Originally I was just going to make a blog to post about my track season to keep family updated who maybe didn’t have the basic social media trilogy; Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. But my life has taken some interesting turns in the last six months — wait, scratch that — in the last year and a half, and surprise, surprise…I got some stuff I want to talk about! Truth is though, I’m more than just a pole vaulter (I discovered this when I had an identity crisis last year, but that story is for a different day). I have my own thoughts and feelings about life and the world around me completely unrelated to track and field, and I’d like to start sharing them! My life has drastically changed since I made the decision to start training for pole vault again, but it also significantly changed when I made the decision to step away from the track for awhile after I graduated from college. I have learned more about myself and valuable lessons as a direct result of making those choices.

My hopes for this blog is not only to share the adventure I am on of pursuing a dream I have had since I was twelve, but to also encourage people to dig a little deeper in finding out what makes you, you! Whether you’re an athlete, a fellow seeker of self discovery, or just a passer by reading this blog…I hope you and I are able to connect with each other on some level. I believe having the ability to recognize a small part of yourself in every person you meet is a very powerful tool.

So, hello! It’s me (feel free to say that in an Adele voice, I do…every time). Shaylah Teryn Simpson. A pretty simple girl pursuing her goals as a post collegiate pole vaulter, while simultaneously trying to figure out where I belong in a world that tries so hard to compartmentalize people and continually shifting little aspects of my life to find an ideal balance of being.


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