Facebook Comments, Convictions, and Ignorance

I don’t know why I keep arguing with people on Facebook.

Perhaps it’s a tribute to society, which has made me feel so strongly about my convictions that I feel it is my moral duty to educate poor souls on the topics of climate change, racism, and more.

Even though I know they won’t listen to me.

I’ve spent entire days arguing with people who think Islam is the worst thing to happen to mankind, climate change is a hoax created by far-left politicians, and the USA is the greatest country in the world.

Also known as: people who are extremely stubborn, seeing that they’ve managed to keep their convictions strong in the face of academic consensus and facts that show that they’re plain wrong.

Maybe it’s a way for me to vent about the injustices of the world; perhaps if I try hard enough, I’ll be able to relieve my own annoyance at the fact that people are so stupid.

But maybe it’s because I’m still hopeful about the state of the world; if I try hard enough, I could change someone’s mind, somewhere in the world, and that could make the world a very different place.