3 Customer Experience resolutions you should be making in the New Year.

It’s time to give up your bad Customer Experience habits.

Is it time for you to give up your bad Customer Experience habits?
I will quit smoking, I will run a marathon, I will finally travel to South America! The famous New Year resolutions that quite often never get done… In this article we will look at three simple resolutions you can make for your organisation to help you continue down the path of delivering unforgettable Customer Experiences.

Let’s be honest, we all have our bad habits. For some, it is talking with their mouth full or leaving dirty clothes on the floor and for others it is just bad Customer Experience behaviours that have appeared over time. As we bring in the new year, now is the perfect time to address these habits with three simple Customer Experience resolutions.

  1. Review and challenge your customer insights with new research

Customers change over time and your customer insights should not be static. Use the New Year as an opportunity to undertake your customer research and check that your customer insights are still relevant. You might be surprised at how your customers have changed.

Some New Year Challenges to refresh your customer research:

  • Observe in context: When was the last time you got out and watched how customers behave? Observing in context can reveal a lot.
  • Speak to them: Find out what makes your customers tick, what do they think, feel and say.
  • Let your data speak: Challenge your assumptions and unlock the power of your customer data to validate or challenge what you know about your customers.

2. Don’t leave your insights on the shelf — Use them!

You don’t want your customer insights to be like your New Year piece of gym equipment slowly gathering dust in the corner. Use your customer insights and look at ways to use customer insights to innovate around your services and products.

Some questions to ask yourself to apply your customer insights:

  • What are the key moments you can make special for the customer?
  • What new products or services could be created to overcome a customer challenge?
  • What would you change if you had no constraints? Now work through the constraints.

3. Look for opportunities to build your team’s Customer Experience capabilities

Your team will be the foundation in delivering exceptional Customer Experiences. Look for opportunities to build the core Customer Experience capabilities they need from research to service design. With the rise of free online educational resources, upskilling you team does not need to be an expensive exercise.

Some potential courses you could look into that will help you get started:

  1. Customer Experience Design and Strategy
  2. Customer Experience Management Essentials
  3. User Experience (Research and prototyping)
  4. Design thinking for innovation

Hope you found this useful and Happy New Year!

What resolutions will you be making about Customer Experience this year? Share them below and please recommend the article to others if you found it useful (just click the heart below)

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