Why the little things matter. A case for personalisation in creating great Customer Experiences.

Sometimes it is the little things that count when creating great Customer Experiences. This article will explore the impact personal touches can make on the experiences you provide.

Right, my mind was made up. It was time to find a new coffee shop. Yes, the coffee shop was convenient, the staff were always friendly, the price was right, but I just felt there was a better coffee out there. I decided this would be the last time I get a coffee from this shop.

I walked in feeling happy with my decision that this would be my last coffee from this shop. …Next thing I knew I was leaving with coffee in hand and a new bag of coffee beans.

Let’s explore what happened, when I walked in the barista welcomed me straight away with “Hi Shayne, we just got some single origin beans from Columbia, we think you will love them.”. When I had been in the store the week before I was looking at some beans and mentioned in passing that I liked Columbian beans. Not only did they remember my name, they remembered this small detail from a passing comment and tailored their service to me. This small act of personalisation was enough to keep me going back.

Personalisation (and Customer Experience) as the key differentiation.

Now is the time of the customer. As customers, we have greater choice than ever before and more information to guide these choices. So how are businesses and organisations going to stand out in these situations?

In the coffee story I shared above, my decision as a customer wasn’t based on price, convenience or even quality, it was based on experience. An experience that was positive due to the personalisation it provided.

Example: Spotify provides tailored music suggestions based on your music history, but puts you in control if you listen to it or not.

Personalisation can be a lot more than remembering a name and a coffee preference and I believe will become the future key differentiator of products and services. As companies continue to grow their depth of customer insights, this level of personalisation will continue to expand and open up endless possibilities at providing better Customer Experiences. This is largely being utilised in the digital space, but expect to see it applied a lot more in other channels.

What can you do to personalise your service or product to differentiate yourself in the market? Share your thoughts and commitments below.

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