Heneral Luna Critique Paper

The message that the filmmaker wanted to convey through the film “Heneral Luna” the war is not between the american and the filipinos. It is in fact the war between the filipinos themselves. The movie is about a though, strong, brave general who is killed by his own country men because of his arrogance yet a true and loyal filipino general who will sacrifice for the sake of his country.

Yes the film is engaging because we can learn new information about our history and about general luna. This movie shows that the some filipinos are afraid to go to battle with the american however if general luna is around them they will not feel afraid instead they will have the courage to fight for there country.

I think the movie fulfilled the functions of art because it shows how genaral luna defend our country even if he knows he is up against his own country men. In the last scene of the movie the burning of the philippine flag, i can see it as art because the filipino lose the war due to their own selfishness.

I don’t usually watch this kind of movie but i can say that heneral luna is one of the best heneral of philippines and i can say that he is a hero of our country.

Joven Hernandez Jr is the narrator of the story. He ask about what happen to heneral luna, he ask about the war between the americans and because of his clear explanation in his naration i was able to understand better the story of heneral luna.

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