Where go?

This is my first foray on to Medium. I wasn’t sure what to do or how to do it, so I did the only logical thing:

I did it.

I’m copying a blog post from 12 years ago just to see what happens when you press the Publish button. I may have been a little sarcastic 12 years ago. Here it is!

I begin typing these first few words…

…with no idea where this is headed. A brilliant blog post idea popped into my head day before yesterday just as I was leaving work.

That thought, along with many others, is long since gone.

I apologize now for the time you may waste reading this.

That’s how this blog world works though. You post frequently or no one ever hears of you. Thus, I’m typing out pretty much nothing as quickly as I can, because I just want to get out of here. I should feel guilty for wasting web space on vanity. I’ve just “next blogged” through about 10 other people who also have nothing to say, yet posted it anyway.

So here is where I arrive. I have three tidbits of advice:

1. Don’t be a blogger. 99% of them, including this one, are wastes of time and space.

2. Stop being so stupid all the time.

3. Do something nice for someone.

Until next year,

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