Medium: the highs and lows of clapping
Amy Torres

You can probably tell from all my highlighting that I really enjoyed this. I probably average 4 claps. I just gave you 15. 10 claps would have been good. One or two if it’s worth finishing the article. 3–7, depending how much of the article compels you to highlight. 10 depending on how you feel after. 50 claps is like looking at a Starbucks menu for the first time. Where do you begin?

Claps are probably a good way for shy folks to give us a little more love without leaping into a comment or a share.

Currently I cap once if the title drew me in. I clap for each highlight. Then a few more at the end depending on how I feel.

15 is the most claps I’ve given.

We could just say we’ll default to the middle — 25 — and raise or lower it that “rating.” I haven’t given 25 claps yet, though. How long does it take to give 50 claps to ten articles?

From the writer perspective. I have a good idea of what a heart meant. A heart was a heart. A reply meant I touched them a little more. A share meant I really resonated. Or they’re in the Tribe Builders Network. :)

When I get one clap, I have no idea what to make of it. Ten will feel like my work was great, but if the person usually give 25, then maybe my article isn’t as good as ten claps leads me to believe.

I reckon the algorithm will help Medium determine how much to pay the writers who sign up for that program. I’ve enjoyed thinking of Medium as a way to easily publish and connect. I’m having difficulty wrapping my heart around trying to earn money from it. I don’t want it change the way we write. We won’t enjoy as much articles written to earn vs article written to reveal, teach or inspire .

On the one hand, claps are not very helpful in the way of feedback to the writer. Unless we get 40 or 50 to tell you an article is really good.

On the hand, maybe it’s just better to work and ship and not get bogged down in claps.