During the first mass school shooting, armed students fired back
Meagan Day

I’m big on the 2nd. I believe in an adults right to bear arms. But. Is allowing a college kid a gun for protection the right answer? Have you seen spring break? I have raised teenagers. They have enough trouble worrying about who is dating who and the hormones raging and the new ability to drink alcohol and not being supervised by parents for the first time. Do they really need the responsibility of carrying a gun in a safe manner on top of all of that?

I dread hearing about the first kid that shoots another accidentally while showing off his new glock. Or the one leaving a frat party too drunk to safely handle a firearm. Or the jealous one who shoots his girlfriends new lover. Or the depressed one who gives up on life because it’s easier to pull the trigger than to pass that Chemistry test in the class they are failing. A high percentage of kids at this age don’t have the emotional maturity to deal with the responsibility. We are not just talking about Texas kids that were raised with guns from birth. We are also going to arm that kid from New York City that has only ever seen a gun on TV. If it was my granfather at age 21, I would say well done. 21 year old kids in 1921 are different than 21 year olds in 2016. I do hope they are going to keep the over 21 to own a pistol law. At the very least. But that still won’t be enough. A heap of people will die before law makers decide this was not a good idea.

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