Lets Play A Game

She used to be such a sweet girl. She was warm and kind and gentle. She used to carry this innocence that anyone could be admirable about.

When she looks at herself in the mirror, she can no longer see the girl of the past. All she can see is - cold, unattached, egotistically and selfishly steered by her own feelings and no one else’s. She is unrecognizable to anyone who has met her in the past. She is one to be warned about for those who haven’t.

I guess that’s what happens to you when the devil is through with you.

I guess that’s what happens when you let him have his way.

When you’re young you let your imagination run wild when you think of hell. You have images of a dark red flaming monster reaching up from the ground below to punish you for your sins. You don’t ever picture the charming 21 year old boy who you would soon let control your entire life.

“Lets play,” he whispers.

She loved herself a game.