I Fixed My Old Android and Ditched my New iPhone 6

Two days ago I set down with a new battery and a Torx screwdriver set I got from Amazon and fixed up my old Nexus 4. My iPhone 6, which I got around April, was waiting patiently on the counter next to me.

A new piece of tech like the iPhone 6 isn’t always better than old piece it’s meant to replace. This is especially true if you come from a long background in one OS and try to switch into a new one. In my case (Android to iOS), I found that the new iPhone slows me down and causes me to improvise around technical issues too often.

In the months I had the iPhone, I went from complete excitement to “meh” and eventually nostalgic longing for the Android days. I didn’t notice the problems immediately, and at first, I was too excited to realize the shortcomings of the iPhone. But as time went by, I realized that living in the Google cloud just doesn’t work as well when your legs are tied down to the ground by Apple.

Google native apps I use all the time, like Google Inbox and Gmail, Keep, Google Drive and Google Now suffered on the iPhone and sometimes didn’t work at all. I missed the level of personalization I had on Android, some of it so basic that I was surprised to find out it was lacking on the iPhone. One such example was that on Android I am able to move my folders however I want on the screen, where it is much more comfortable to press with my thumb. Another example is the back button for the iPhone, which is often on the top left, far away from reach, where on Android it’s at the bottom where I can access it. Important widgets, like calendar and weather information, are lacking, and even though available from the notification pan on the iPhone, they leave much to be desired, compared to the different screens I have on the Android.

My resurrected Nexus 4 feels more mine than ever before, and with the new 5.1.1 Lollipop I flashed into it makes it better than ever. It took me two hours to figure out how to completely wipe out my old Nexus and flash it with fresh Lollipop directly from Google, but when I was done, not only I had a working Nexus 4 with the latest Android update and a new battery, I also learned that I am capable of taking apart a smartphone and put it back together again. I love conquering challenges, and as it turns out, the iPhone is just too polished for me, without me having much of a say.

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