Cracking the secret of an awesome Snapchat marketing strategy!

Is Snapchat that app where teenagers exchange pics? Where can I fit a Snapchat marketing strategy in there?

Err, yes, sort of. It’s much more than that actually, and I’m going to expand the Snapchat marketing strategy later on, but first:

A short intro to Snapchat

Snapchat is about communities and communication. It’s name actually says it all: it’s a snappy chat app. Quickly snap photos (or videos) and share them with your friends or your followers.

The schtick about it is that your snaps can be viewed only once, unless they’re part of “your story” which can be viewed repeatedly, but only inside a 24 hour timeframe.

The awesome-er you make your snaps, the more likely you’ll get feedback and even gain fans. Just ask Shaun Ayala, a more-than-awesome artist who found Snapchat to be a perfect place for him to share his art. In one of his recent articles, he talked about a collaboration he did with The Walking Dead.

Now go back and read two paragraphs back. Yes, all the work, planning, snapping and drawing, will be there only 24 hours.

So what gives?

Your followers, thats what! I mean who…

Again, the more interesting, funny, fascinating, follow-worthy or simply FOMO — inducing your snap-stories are, the more likely people will want to follow you.

Now listen here: remember that when someone is following you, it’s their choice to click on your story and watch it, so you’ve got their undivided attention. You’re talking to them, and they’re listening.

Snapchat even boasts about this concept in their 3V ads page, saying their video ads are seen on full screen, with audio, right from the get-go!

So basically any content you create on Snapchat even tho it’s ethereal, when viewed, it’s really viewed.

Can you say the same thing for Twitter or Facebook?

Ok, still waiting for that secret Snapchat marketing strategy from your clickbaity title

I’m getting there, don’t worry!

There’s still the community aspect of Snapchat. I mean, producing content and transmitting it over the interwebs is easy enough, but creating a community of people who actually listen and are interested in what you’re saying is another [snap]story.

Creating snaps that invite people to react, snap back, reply in chat or simply do their own thing with your idea, is an awesome way to get the ball rolling. You’re basically offering them to do that UGC voodoo that they do so well, and UGC, or user generated content, is what Snapchat’s all about!

Try this on for size: 224 million views. 224 MILLION views. In one day. IN ONE DAY!

Ok, I’m done, sorry about that.

The reason I’m so crazy ecstatic about that statistic is because it was an ad. For Taco Bell, to be exact. For Cinco de Mayo, Taco Bell created a Snapchat Lens turning it’s users into tacos. Here’s a pic:

Why do you think it was seen by so many people? Because these snaps were generated by the users! Their friends saw them, said “cool!” and went and did one themselves. Then their friends saw them, said “cool!” and went and did one themselves. Then THEIR friends saw them… You get the picture.

That does it, I’m just about to close this tab. Get to the secret Snapchat marketing strategy already!

Ok, ok… Sheesh…

Knowing that users on Snapchat are mostly young, one would say that they’re not exactly the paying customer, let’s say, General Electric is aiming at, right? I mean, what teenager is looking for a fridge or an oven?
 So why would General Electric work so hard to become one of the best brands on Snapchat?

But as we all know, creating a community takes time, and coercing people to become fond of your brand will take a lot of effort on your part. Snapchat allows you to do that a little easier, with quick, low budget snaps, and create stories that will invite people to react or grab ideas, generate UGC and share your brand name, convincing more people to follow you.

Once you’ve made them loyal fans and got your brand into their heart, they’ll grow up to have your brand in mind when choosing a fridge or oven. How’s that for a secret Snapchat marketing strategy?

So there you have it

  • Create more-than-awesome content on Snapchat.
  • Make sure you create stories that invite followers to create UGC.
  • Keep it up and build a relationship with your followers.
  • Once they’re grown up, be there to help them out with products or services similar to what they believe you can offer, according to your more-than-awesome content.

Pro tip:

  • Boost your following by getting an influencer to take-over your Snapchat account.

Give it a try and share your experience with us in the comments section. Don’t forget you can contact me for ideas and ad-hoc strategies.

Originally published at on June 6, 2016.