There’s no science behind denying climate change
Ethan Siegel

  1. Why such an asinine title? Who denies climate ever change? Not even 6000 year creationists do such a thing.
  2. 2) How do you conclude “our” (speak for yourself!) CO2 do it?

CO2’s 2 narrow vibrational bands in the IR spectrum are an antisymmetric stretching mode at 2349 cm¯¹, and a bending mode near 666 cm¯¹. “Figure 6 shows the infrared spectrum of a gaseous sample of carbon dioxide. Note the intensity of the transmitted
light is close to 100% everywhere except where the sample absorbs: at 2349 cm¯¹ (4.26 µm) and at 667 cm¯¹ (15.00 µm).”

4.26 µm is somewhat high energy for much ambient thermal radiation.
310K (37°C human body temperature, though a tad warm
for most of earth’s surface) blackbody radiation curve:
Perhaps CO2’s absorbance from 12–13.2 µm might exert a minor greenhouse effect.
infrared atmospheric window at

3. Why presume warmer temps bad? (If really result of greenhouse effect, should raise high latitude winter lows, not increase tropical and summer highs.)

4. What do you recommend? Taxing the proles eking out a living to further enrich the plutocrat trillionaires owning all the carbon credits?