Last weekend I came back to my house after being out all day in central London. I was bursting for the toilet, so I run to the toilet only to see that the bulb has blown in the toilet light. Being as I don’t go anywhere without by phone I take out my iPhone 5s and flick the flashlight on and prop it up on the window sill, from there it lifelessly dives into the dark depths of the toilet bowl and as it sinks to the bottom, my heart does too.

After about three days of being inactive in…

So you are reading this because you think that you understand something, that I personally believe that you will never understand. You want to see if it’s worthy enough to warrant a rant. Well first of all this isn’t a rant, it’s a strong letter of appreciation towards a certain set of people like myself and let’s be honest most of you will click off and look at something else that you think is more trivial when I tell you who this set of people are and the thing that you will never understand about them, so I’m going to…

Sam Housley

Product Designer, Filmmaker & Podcaster based in London. Working across digital, branding, UX to create meaningful products.

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