If Progressives Don’t Wake Up To How Awful Obama Was, Their Movement Will Fail
Caitlin Johnstone

Thanks for some hard-core truth-telling, Caitlin.

Like I’ve been saying for some time, the Obama administration was basically a publicity stunt to demonstrate to the world that light-colored (and privileged) African American men can be dutiful lackeys of the neoliberal global corporate plutocracy just like white guys can. For instance, Eric Holder and his so-called Justice Department showed that they could lightly slap Wall Street’s egregious, bald-faced wrong-doers on the wrist just like some white male flunkies from Bush Jr.’s administration might have done — before they all rushed through the revolving door to go work for the same sorts of people they were supposed to prosecute.

I’m inclined to think that Obama, personally, may be a relatively decent person with relatively decent impulses who might even have thought that he was doing the right thing by helping to put the plutocracy safely back in power (sort of like trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together after his great fall) and reinflating their bubble — Obama did go to Harvard Law School, after all, which together with Harvard Business School seems to be where most of the plutocracy and their dutiful lackeys and true believers come from. But unfortunately, by this late date, any leader who is not willing to take on the (now even more entrenched) plutocracy is essentially worthless. [Like Hillary and her chronically, pathologically influence-peddling husband, and like pretty much the whole Republican Party.]

I’d happily vote for any man, woman, person of color, person of alternate sexuality, you name it who will grab the bull by the horns and do what needs to be done. But I sure don’t want any more publicity stunts stage-managed by the plutocracy.

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