It’s the dry heave after the vomit

The slow and deadly Hurricane of emotion

The Typhoon from your eyes caused by a typo that you aren’t really sure about

When it’s some other girls name

The insanity of the benefit in doubt

That makes you question yourself saying

Maybe she meant to type Shannon instead, Common mistake

It’s the Panic attack induced by the blank stare you give me

In the silence that “I love you” fits in perfectly

When I ask you what these letters mean

You say I — M. S — O — R — R — Y

Its spells I’m sorry but your actions don’t match your words

They won’t give you a cast for a broken heart

No matter whose fault it was

I doesn’t matter

None of this matters

This is the over dramatic reaction that you get

You are the epitome of anarchy

I understand your father wasn’t there, and we was far from a good man

i wish he was so he could show you honestly, show you integrity

I know your mother is estranged, I know that relationship is cut far deeper than the grand canyon. so you don’t know love

I wish it wasn’t ,I wish you knew love

I wish had it better

In a perfect world, recovery is possible

But we live in a world far from perfect

And you’re strung out on THC, cheap liquor, cheap cologne, and cheap girls

I didn’t fall into any of those categories

I guess I was involuntary rehab, someplace you didn’t want to be

Though you knew it would do you some good

Something that would get you 12 steps higher, just to get you out from under the dirt

You self medicate with 420 mg of heartbreak and an arm full of phone numbers

I tried , I did

So walking away isn’t my fault

It was myself that I was saving

You cant take away the mind set, no matter how far away the mind is from the setting

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