Remembering You

I write about you a lot .

I write about how I loved you.

I write about how loving you tore me apart

I write about how trying to stop breaks me

I read all of my poems and sing all of my songs to my mother

We were walking outside

I read her a poem about December 26th our first date , it was also our last

It was sad at the end

Like all my poems about you are

Why should the poem have a different ending than we did

All my poems leave me with one word still pressed on my breath


Why have you become this ghost writer

Your gone but you’ve layed hands

On my pens

To make these marks on these pages

Starting off with these fond memories that end in ashes

That end in 3rd degree burns and crashed

My mother said “You miss her don’t you” I said yes , a lot .

I miss you

I miss you like everyone misses yesterday morning

I miss you like the sun misses the moon

Because you and I only eclipse on the blue ones

I miss you like the wave misses the shore

That’s why the waves kiss the feet of those who’ve trod the sand

You are the song I know the words to but never the tune

You are the really important thing I had to say but seem to always forget when I open my mouth

You are the air that excapes in a cough that I think I need but my body gets rid of

You are fleeting fall winds that take the prettiest leaves off the trees

You are the thief

You steal hearts

And you break them for fun

Threw the other hearts in my face

You even made up a few of those ones

Sometimes the descisions you need to make aren’t the ones you want

And God knows I want you

But the damage that been done is to great to bypass

We lay it down to die and shoot it in the grass

And I’ll just write about the way our good times felt

I’ll just wipe away my own tears in the darkness

Because I can’t help but think about you

Every person I start to love some how reminds me of you

Without thinking you two are compared

And I wish it was you

I hoped it was you

But honestly it can never be you

Not again

I will purge my heart of your love

I will rip our memories from my mind

I will exorcise your demons from my spirit

I will leave our past behind

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