You coursed through my veins like a broken love song

I layed my head on you tempest wrought chest

Holding your still beating heart in my arms

In the back seat of my bestfriends car

That night all I saw was your aura

All I saw was The stars in your eyes

The Lightning coming out from your storm

The rainbows in your constant rain

All I felt was my heart wanting to beat out of my chest because you smelled so good

All I felt was my face hurting from smiling so much

All I felt was a rush

I could honestly say that was the best night of my life

I had never been on a date before

So I felt really good because my cousin is 19 and has never been on a date before

So I’m winning

But God

The tempest in your chest became my heart

The rain over your seas became my tears

My chest , for the life of me, couldn’t fight to get air

I thought we had won

I thought that we proved them all wrong

Everyone who told me to leave

Everyone who told me you’re no good

Everyone who told me that you lied

That they saw you with her

That you love her too

That you don’t love me anymore

I thought they were wrong

Because we just felt so right

I remember we were going to open up a business

And build an empire

Your ambition made me fall all over again

I fell to much and ended up a crumpled pile of love on the ground

Your tempest chest goes on

My tempest heart an ocean to carry

Still breaks and leaks

Every time I see you

I realize you can’t fix it

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