Fantasy Shitpost Episode 8: The Halloween Special

Halloween is approaching, lets take time to appreciate some good costumes!


So its officially on the back 9 of the season. Due to the festivity, I have decided to incorporate some costumes into this weeks pictures. After of which we’ll be moving into the snow as it starts to come down. And I finally won my first weekly total. Congrats to those that have won and have joined this elite club. To those expecting this earlier, sorry, I had someone treat me for a birthday dinner and drinks. Cheers boys!

Shout out of the week: Goes to the Fog that showed up on the Sunday night game. I felt like I was playing a game of Madden at one point, the cameras are crazy nowadays. Special mention to the true Fog Bowl, for those who aren’t aware,, check out that link for a small preview. Anyway its fun to watch, as we don’t get to see those kind of games any more.

Power Rankings Week 8

John Elway Tier

Keeping up with the Halloween spirit
  • Team Chacon (Miguel): Another win, although to be fair it wasn’t against one of the better teams but wins are wins. Keeping the #1 seed means you get a bye and when it comes to the playoffs, that bye can be a huge when we can never fully predict what can happen from week to week. Zach Ertz though looks like a god damn steal of a draft pick. Wentz loves his ass and has been the most consistent part of this team. That and that Jags defense, are holding up what would seem to be a sub par starters at RB and WR, although no one looks bad, no one really has outdone themselves, but with Ingram looking great after the bye, I suspect that should change.
  • Team DIEGOD (Bob): Unlike Miguel’s team, this one is littered with talent. With Ezekiel Elliot able to somehow dodge and law and NFL with these loopholes, as long as he stays on the field, this team will remain one of the best teams. AJ Green and Henry are starting to come into form and with Tribisky at the helm in Chicago, Howard’s been getting more room to run. Honestly with Russell Wilson about to start laying it on, which he does around this time of the season, this team is about to be scary good. Only thing Bob has now to fear is that Elliot suspension going on during his playoffs.

Matt Stafford Tier

Somewhat fitting
  • Meeseeks and Destroy (Shea): I told you guys, this team is good. Everyone knows that RB’s are championship winning. And I have the best 1–2 punch tandem in the NFL. Le’Veon Bell looks like the #1 he was supposed to be and even though Hunt hasn’t quite kept up the same numbers, he’s still been consistent enough to be #3 in the league. Two top 10 WR’s and what looks to be the hottest TE to hit the market. Oh yeah, and I won last week weekly point total with 44 points on Cooper sitting on my bench. Be scared boys.
  • 1.21 JJWatts (Darcy): When this team doesn’t have its top players on bye, this is still one of the top 4 teams. In fact the top 4 teams here could easily be what were looking at for playoffs. Antonio Brown is still #1 provided Big Ben stands and somehow Larry Fitzgerald keeps providing great numbers. I may have the top RB tandem but this is by far the best WR tandem. Maybe the only questionable part could be the flex, but at this point, its just a formality. Honestly I’d rather not face this team until the end.

Jay Cutler Tier

Sadly it was either this or a pic of Cutler smoking a cigarette
  • Auto Pick (Ben): To be honest I considered this team to be one of the weakest in this tier, and yet, this is the only team from here on out that has a winning record. To be fair, this is the first game that Jordan Reed has showed up on and simultaneously so did Julio. If this both these guys start to play their top ball, this team actually should end up being a lock. There are questions towards his running back corp but provided that Derek Carr can put up 3TD + games again, anything is possible. This week against a much better team should be telling of whats to lay in store later down the road.
  • Pimpin Ain’t Breesy (Logan): As opposite of Ben’s team, I’m not sure how this team isn't doing better. A top 5 RB, a top 5 WR and a Top 5 TE. I guess a top 5 kicker if you really want to go there. Whats the reason? Is it bye weeks? Poor management? Bad luck, probably a mix of all the above. Despite whats happened, Logan will need to get some wins if he is to taste the off season. Considering hes really only going to play 2 more good teams from here on out, hes got a shot.
  • Team Grzebinski (Tony/Pollack): Pretty tough loss last week to me to a team that had a player with 40+ points on the bench. It was a much needed win, and now hes gotta win to keep his playoff hopes alive. Of all weeks, this one is his worst as half of his team including his star RB and TE are on bye. With hopes of David Johnson coming back, it would be the only thing that can save this team, if this team is in position to still make the playoffs. His team is a potpourri of players and rejects, and to be honest, it seems it will be tough, as he will be playing Darcy and Miguel before the playoffs. Good luck!

Ryan Leaf Tier

Here is Ryan Leaf dressing up pretending to be a NFL Quaterback
  • Pound Town (Justin): It seems just yesterday I was speaking of the positive things this team had to offer. Each week it just seems to be getting worse and worse. He is one of the two teams that need to basically win out to have a chance in getting to the playoffs. Don’t get me wrong, there is a chance, as his players are capable of doing well for a week at at time, but without any big time playmakers, it seems very bleak as he will have to play Miguel, Darcy and Bob before the seasons end. That means 3 out of his 6 next games are going to be against some of the top teams. But he can start a win streak beating Tim. Speaking of which…
  • Team Mojo (Tim): That was a heart breaker of a loss to one of the division leaders. With that being said, its obvious this team isn’t terrible but it just seems that this could be the team that just cannot find the a way to win. He has made trades, scoured the waiver wire, done everything short of selling his soul and yet still finds himself in a tough position. If he can winout for the next 6 games, he can have a winning record. But that’s it, he would have to have some of the lower tiered teams if he realistically wanted a shot at the playoffs. But who knows, stranger things have happened.
  • Team Ward (Noah): If you keep losing Noah, eventually I’m going to run out of things to say that are positive. However he has 3 of the top QBs in the league. He is a savant of QB’s. Too bad this hasn’t really happened helped in any other way. At this point, I am curious as to will be the unlucky bastard to fall victim to Noah. I figure he is due at least one win, in which this win will be so devastating that he will win $20.00 for the weekly total. I mean starting after this week of course.


Did anyone else feel like they were playing Madden watching this game?

Shea V Ward: After seeing Wentz on Monday, I would be lying if I didn’t say I was a little worried. I still have a team of studs, but if there is a week for Noah to win, so far hes looking at his best match-up. Michael Thomas is due for a large 30 point game. I don’t think I will lose based upon past results. But still, eventually things change. Lets just hope that change starts next week.

Shea Wins

Ben V Darcy: While looking at the current lineup, Ben’s fucked. Even with players in place, it will still look bleak. Darcy’s missing his best friend Gurley, so maybe if Ben puts up together another strong performance, he can beat Darcy. But Jordan Reed and Julio Jones have been so inconsistent, that I just don’t see anyway that this should happen. I’m sure Gronk will feast on the Chargers and Dallas Defense can’t really stop a nosebleed right now, Thompson will have a good day too.

Darcy Wins

Tim V Justin: I can’t believe its come down to this. If Tim wins, both teams will be 2–6, if Justin wins, he goes to 3–5 and pretty much knocks Tim out of contention. Cam Newton has been in and out this season. If he manages to pull another 25 point game, hes gonna dominate. With Matt Moore at the helm in Miami, that team looks actually dangerous, which is great since that means Ajayi may finally be able to get something with his touches. And Tampa Bays weapons may look good even if their QB doesn’t always. I think Tim evens up the score this week.

Tim Wins

Logan V Tony: This almost was the game of the week. Both teams are 3–4 and the winning team will for sure put themselves in running for the playoffs. With 4 players on bye and Sanders looking to be out Monday, its hard to imagine Tony being able to pull off this win. Matt Ryan has yet to score over 20 points this year. Hes got Snead back, but hes gotta be a little rusty right? This really is going to be more of can the Broncos stop the Cheifs Monday. If they do, Logans best weapons won’t get much. If the Broncos did what they did last year, Tony’s fucked. So far Denver's offense hasn’t shown that they can bail out our defense when they struggle. As much as I would love to say otherwise, it just doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

Logan Wins

**Match Up of the Week**

Miguel V Bob: Once again, we have two titans going at it. The only other time we had the top two teams playing, Miguel came out on top. On this go around, I’m not sure if this will be the case. Russell Wilson just looks great the closer it gets to the end of the year. Mark Ingram has shown he can be that dominate force again, but he could easily pull a Adrian Peterson 2nd week bust and only go for 6 points. Ezekiel Elliot on Sunday night is a recipe for success and AJ Green is going to straight up feast on the Colts. I don’t think Dez Bryant and Pierre Garcon can put up the Numbers that Green and Hogan can. However, I do see wild card for Miguel. McKinnon vs Cleveland. He has the chance to put up large numbers. Despite this, I think Hunter Henry will keep up with Ertz this week.

Bob Wins

My current prediction record 19–15. We are meeting up at an Bout Time off Sheridan, in Arvada. Those willing to come up should, as we are going to be having some drinks and celebrate my birthday a few days early. To the rest of you guys, good luck this week. Some people say the 2nd half of the season is the toughest. We’ll find out.