Divine Forgetting

There are patterns lost in the threads that bind the universe of our souls — these were lost to us sometime after we started to believe in the “world”. What once appeared to us as beautifully intricate tapestries became little more than jumbles in the din of our everyday lives.

Although we want to see those chords and harmonies once again, our personalities have been inculcated to see only that which serves our practical, egocentric selves. We have been “trained” to be constantly in search of shelter from the storms of chaotic energy, which our mothers and fathers have unwittingly laid at our feet. The soul, stalwart driver as it is, preserves a seed within us which we, for the most part, “mis”-interpret as longing.

The essence of this longing is an attractive force, which draws us toward the primordial patterns and vibrations, which our soul interprets as “home”. Sadly, this longing is often misinterpreted as hunger or lust, and our personalities/egos are more than happy to lead us down the road to sate ourselves with illusions and facsimiles which in the end, seem to do little else than fuel the flames of desires.

A subtle transformation is in the air. These days bring to us a refined awakening. We must once again begin to recognize these patterns and threads of vital currents in the white water of our workaday lives. The challenge is to allow our souls to begin to see beyond what our eyes tell us.

Why is it that some look and readily see these sacred threads and chords while others (most of us) look and see outlines, vagaries or illusions? The answer lies in our very state of existence. We are trained from birth, as part of the experience of “growing up”, to see with our minds instead of our souls. We are given a rich panorama of vibrant colors, energies and vibrations, replete with subtleties, textures and depth — then we are told we see simply “red”, or “yellow”, or “blue”. We are taught of the static nature of “things” and their immutability. We are taught to see only with our eyes, and hear only from our ears.

Before long, we begin to believe in these sensations of limited scope, dumbed-down sensory inputs, as our physical body RE-creates the world. As it does, eventually, the richness of our vista begins to fade from our view. The rest lies inaccessible to us, dormant.

Still we persevere, we try to capture static “frames” from the motion picture of life — to power our way through our senses, to force them to comprehend “beauty”. Eventually, pure chance affords us glimpses, but in the process we lose the vast majority of the richness in the process.

These magical chords and threads, which seem so elusive to us, are not so restrained however, (in fact, restraint, rules and models, are wholly defined in the human realm and have no place in the realm of the dynamic, energetic universe — another story for another time). Not only are they not static as we are taught to expect but they exist in an infinite sea of energetic exchange driven by the currents and eddies of the universal spirit.

So is all hope lost for those of us “less gifted” souls? I think not. The key here is that the chords and threads we seek but that seem to us so elusive, follow the natural state of the universe, they are ubiquitous and abundant. They not only permeate the universe, but they ARE the universe. The problem is not they are hard to find, the problem lies clearly in “us”, the seekers. It is we, who have built up this artificial reference system based on values, statics, and absolutes — right/wrong, good/bad, here/there. The task for us is not to learn how to navigate this seemingly unfathomable maze, but to unlearn. To let go of our artificial references and preconceptions, to loosen grip on the hard fought for anchors, which have served our personalities and egos so well.

In essence, we must learn to forget. That accomplished we are free to swim in the magical primordial sea of souls that is, to us, our birthright.

Originally published at thepragmaticmystic.org on August 30, 2016.