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Millennials are leaving the US for China

Millennials are choosing to leave for China in record numbers; they are so selfish they do not even care about their own country that has given them so much. They have greedily taken the opportunities afforded to them in this country and are now leaving with their amassed wealth for tax havens, giving no thought to the next generation.

Please excuse my parody above, It sounds funny when the shoe is on the other foot, but I do believe we have a double standard in America when considering econmomic wealth and societal acceptance of actions. My joke aside, as poor as it may be, the truth is Millennials are leaving. They are leaving to find jobs that we cannot provide. Many do not have a choice, unable to make an adequte living. They are being strangled under massive debt with no solutions being offered by a populous that doesn’t understand their current economic crisis. Don’t believe me? How did you react when you read that first sentence?

Millennials get slack for being, lazy, entitled, and privileged. They are portrayed as wanting everything handed to them, and are constantly complaining about their student debt. They have the reputation of just not wanting to work.

Millenials love to work

Millennials love to work; they just might not love working for you. Millennials are creative, problem solvers. They have to be to navigate this tumultuous gig economy of uncertainty. They are willing to look outside social norms to find practical solutions. With limited options at home many are choosing to teach English in China. First year teachers often go to Kindergartens to learn valuable teaching skills. The job also aligns with their core values. They are making a difference by improving future opportunities for their students, they get the unique opportunity to experience and understand another culture, and they are treated with respect and are appreciated. This is something that is not often given in the states.

The biggest reason Millennials are choosing China is that there, unlike at home they can get paid a decent wage that reflects their education. It is the same opportunity and privilege that previous generations were able to enjoy at home. Go to school, get a job, save money.

You might think Millennials are unable to make the “tough choices” and take personal financial responsibility but you can not deny it takes guts and a lot of maturity to move across the world. Before you go on your next Millennial bashing spree consider; would you have been willing, under the same circumstance, to move to a strange country where you do not speak the language just to pay your debts? Probably not, as 64% of American citizens have never even left their country.

“The data is actually pretty scary: 44% of college grads in their 20s are stuck in low-wage, dead-end jobs, the highest rate in decades, and the number of young people making less than $25,000 has also spiked to the highest level since the 1990s.” reports Ashley Stahl, in her piece in Forbes magazine

It is lucky that such a great opportunity exists for inexperienced Millennials that did not have access to mentoring programs and internships. This generation more than any other exists in a globally connected world where one is expected to understand other cultures and have remarkable CQ skills. This goes double for Americans need to understand China; as of last year it surpassed Canada and became the United States largest trading partner.

Student at Better English

Emerson is an English teacher at Better English School; a collection of private schools that focus on teaching ages 3–12 in Beijing. Better English employs over 150+ foreign English teachers as such they are currently hiring. If you are interested in teaching with Better English or have any questions, full job and contact details are on Emerson’sprofile.

https://ca.linkedin.com/in/emersonteacher and https://www.facebook.com/Betterenglish8/

He uses his profile to promote the school and ESL in general. Emerson is not a recruiter and gets no financial compensation for promoting his school, or for promoting ESL. He does it simply because he likes his employer, loves his work, and he is an insomniac. He truly believes more people would benefit from a year abroad in China; from the experience and the contacts they will make.

Emerson believes that teaching ESL is a practical and empowering solution for under-employed/paid grads to quickly pay off debt. Couples and friends may apply together.