Plus a formula that will help you write a great cover letter in minutes.

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There is a myth that hiring managers don’t read cover letters anymore, and it’s not entirely true. The truth is, if your resume does not support your candidacy for the role, your cover letter may never get read. However, if you are in fact qualified and your resume shows it, a great cover letter could set you apart from other qualified applicants. I certainly read cover letters, and sometimes they make or break my opinion of an applicant.

A great cover letter plays multiple roles: it’s a pitch for your candidacy, it’s a writing sample, and it’s evidence that you’re…

Individuals cannot save the planet — brands can

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I have a personal responsibility to care about climate change.

It is my responsibility as a parent to leave an inhabitable planet for my child. It is my responsibility as a worker in the wellness industry to care about clean air, clean water, and sustainable food sources because these are foundational to health.

Most importantly, it is my responsibility as a human to take care of the one thing that all humans have in common, despite our differences — this planet we walk on, and all it provides to help us exist and thrive.

Like many people around the world, I am on board and will do my part to…

The basic business strategy outline that I start with every time.

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Strategic thinking is a trait that separates executors from leaders. When your boss asks you to create a strategy, know that you’re being given an opportunity to prove that you’re a leader. A well-crafted presentation is one of the best ways to merchandise your strategic thinking and should therefore be your part of your default response to a strategy assignment — research, analyze, build strategy, present strategy, execute strategy, report back on results.

There are many ways to present a strategy. There are also many wrong ways. If you’re unsure of how to approach it, this article is for you…

A sign that says “YOU GOT THIS”
A sign that says “YOU GOT THIS”
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Over the course of my career, I have often been told that I “Interview well”. I wasn’t entirely sure what that meant, until I became a manager. Now I’m on the hiring end of interviews on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I interview many candidates that, despite an impressive resume, just don’t “interview well”. I usually don’t hire them. Here’s why:

If you have relevant experience but your interview is a flop, you’re either not a good culture fit, or you simply weren’t prepared for the interview. …

Shea Cole

Full-time marketer, part-time writer. VP Marketing at Fullscript. American living in Canada.

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