I’ve always been more creative at night.

Something shifts for me during that time.

It isn’t uncommon for such night owls.

Both childhood, with its K-12 regimens, and, more recently, adulting 8–5 work-life, routines of suburban, domesticated marriage, and my own kids being in school have forced upon me the same circadian rhythm that nature would have set.

But during my wild and free college years, with the luxury to schedule late classes, or even the post-divorce weekends that I now have to myself, I can and do spiritually play a bit more at night.

I’m writing this now while listening to the Ambient (Classic/Electronica) station on Pandora, which I’ve now made a habit of doing at night after I cut out from Internet post-meditation. …

A la career coach, Marty Nemko (http://www.martynemko.com/), some alternatives to mainstream career paths:

Instead of…

  • Doctor, go for Physician Assistant (Less school, less cost, fun stuff without the headache, ability to move from one specialty to another)
  • Lawyer, go for Mediator (Less school, less cost, inherently conciliatory rather than conflictual)
  • Teacher, go for Tutor (Less bureaucracy, less stress, great hourly rate, anyone learns better one-on-one)
  • Engineer, go for Fuel Cell Tech or Biotech (Growing areas, less competition with cheap foreign engineers)
  • Psychologist, counselor, coach, or therapist, go for Genetic Counselor (Instead of traditional approaches with high real-world fail rates, interventions grounded in genetic/bio/neuropsychology will offer deeper targets for change)
  • Writer, journalist, go for Technical Writer (Written content is hyper-abundant and hence dirt cheap - hence specific, concise, technical and process-oriented language will become the go-to approach)
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My middle name is Matthew. And it’s less common to use middle names nowadays than it used to be, especially for men. It can sound somewhat Victorian and pretentious.

But my original use for it was because people have always messed up my first name, in pronunciation and spelling, but also in assuming I am a female whenever they can’t see me, such as when I would send emails, for example. People would respond to my messages with “Ms.” So I started using Matthew often to better signify my gender.

But I’m also very interested in the history of names and their meanings. …


Shea Matthew

Writer, Psychotherapist, Thinker, Multipotentialite

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