Rust is definitely the new hotness amongst developers, having won the stack overflow most loved language year on year. I’ve been keeping an eye on it for a while, especially the web assembly possibilities. While the toolset has been steadily developing, and there are plenty of tutorials showing how to access pure functions defined in Rust from any JavaScript, integrating it at a deeper level with an established web development framework such as React or Vue is less clear.

The Motivation

At Motius, we are given a chance to explore new and emerging technologies. In our recent Motius Discovery camp I decided…

Office plant
Office plant
Ever seen such a beautiful plant in an office? No, us neither.

What do all offices have in common? Plants which everybody likes to see, but nobody takes care of.

Remember the “SEP field” in Douglas Adams’ Life, the Universe and Everything? Our brains do not let us see Somebody Else’s Problem.

A while ago, that was exactly what our office plants were going through. That is, until we developed Buff Plants — an IoT device that keeps our plants alive.

How everything started

Walking through our office, again and again I noticed that lots of our office plants looked fairly unhappy. But what were we supposed to do? Their way of telling us this…

Stuart Heap

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