The Fight Hasn’t Ended, DAPL Construction Continues

The greedy cooperation, who give zero fucks about the people who lives they are about to impact, need to fall off the face of the earth.

Obama’s administration has done absolutely nothing but sit on their asses this entire year as indigenous people witnessed their land stolen from them. Releasing barely 2 letters denouncing pipeline construction and following up with no actions. Obama’s ceremony celebrating the “end” of the pipeline fight, was nothing more than a distraction. Thanks Obama!

Water protectors have had their basic human rights violated to protect us all. Images, one would think were from the civil war movement, of unarmed people being blasted with heavy water cannons in below freezing temperatures are available for all to see online. Unarmed people being arrested for praying and protesting peacefully. And all anyone seems to care about is money and oil. The typical basic American ideology.

Instead of denouncing the pipeline construction or supporting these water protectors who are working tirelessly to protect both you and I’s health, well-being, and future. Those who are oddly against the preservation of untainted water, fill social channels with the following excuses:

Excuse 1: “It doesn’t affect me.”

Excuse 2: “That’s none of my concern.”

Excuse 3: “It isn’t their land so….”

This entire county is the land of indigenous people. It belongs to them. But no, many Americans have chosen to feed into the bullshit history lessons they were fed in primary school and believes just about anything. Including fake news.

Welcome to America! Our rank among countries with the best educational system still ranks deep below multiple nations. No surprise there.

Oh, have I offended you? I’m not sorry. Let the truth hurt. Because to the people, who continuously give these sorry and lame ass excuses as to why they treat others, this country, and this planet like shit, need a massive reality check.

Believe it or not, this pipeline is your problem.

Indigenous people were treated like shit then and guess what? They are continously viewed and tossed aside like trash to this very day in a country you and your ancestors have declared as your own. Wake up America!

Because like it or not, none of us are guaranteed to live until we’re 80. None of us are guaranteed life tomorrow. At any given moment your local pipeline can burst, taint YOUR drinking water, and ruin YOUR life. And maybe even take it away.

Stop making excuses for why you choose to fuck up our country and this one planet we all have to live on! Open your eyes and realize that you are hold the future of all us in your hands. Make the righy decisions on what that future will look like.

None of us are exempt from death or anything nature hands us.

DAPL construction continues.

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