Sheck Wes
Sheck Wes
Oct 17, 2016 · 1 min read


I’m Sheckwes

I’m rap,

I model

I play ball

I am very good at all 3.

I’m very loopy

Why am I loopy

My image.

Image is everything

The way I present myself was learned in a place 4000 miles away.

Courtesy and manners.

Our women that dress half naked.

Are mad that guys only wanna “fuck”

But I mean….

You look like you got and ready to fuck

Our women that are dressed respectfully .

Earn respect from everybody else.

Because they respect themselves and their bodies before anything.

That is what gives them their image

That respect that they hold to themselves and their people

That’s just an example

Think about you

And your image

Do you respect yourself ?

    Sheck Wes

    Written by

    Sheck Wes

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