Before you can really get in the groove with your marketing strategy and see some success from it, you have to know the ins and outs of whom exactly you’re marketing to. You can come up with the best ideas for your website, including the design aesthetic, content, and products… but if your targeting isn’t on point, then all of this might unfortunately turn into a bust.

Don’t let your ideas and your effort go to waste.

The key to marketing your online brand the right way is to know the innermost parts of your ideal customer. …

Have you just launched your blog but feel a little disappointed by your site statistics? When you start a blog from the ground up, that’s how it is sometimes — and I’m sure it’s driving you nuts. At this point, you’re probably looking around for new ways to attract a bigger audience so that you can increase your site traffic and sell your products or services.

I have 7 examples that you can apply to your growth hacking strategy today.

1. Stick to a blogging schedule.

To put it simply… the more you write, the more popular your site will…

Let’s make up a company and call it Xaviera. The owner is Xaviera Angel, an LA-based interior designer who’s in the process of building a new website to showcase her services. She’s already created a logo, moodboard, and website for her brand.

Lauren Francis

Owner of She Copywrites, a digital marketing + branding boutique in Los Angeles.

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