With a knack for analysis and management, Rohela began her digital career path as an insight analyst. As her career progressed in the civil service, Rohela continued to challenge herself and left to become a freelance business analyst. Now she uses forefront technology to deliver solutions for her clients.

After university, like many graduates, I was unsure of what I wanted to do. I knew that I was a very analytical person and I also enjoyed managing projects. I got a role in the Department for Work and Pensions as an Insight analyst, which allowed me to use my analytical…

Lucy Reast is currently a student at the University of Leeds and has only just begun her digital journey. With little digital experience she decided to gain some work experience, spending a month in award-winning digital agency Jaywing.

I am a student at the University of Leeds studying International Business and Marketing. I’m at the end of my internship at Jaywing gaining a month’s insight into the world of a digital marketing agency. As part of this internship I have gained experience in PR, brand communications and spent time within the studio looking at website development and CRO.

Prior to…

Join us for She Does Hey!: From ______ to Digital’ from 7pm at the Belgrave Music Hall on Thursday 22nd August. This is our second collaboration event with Hey! And you are all invited.

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We’ve got five inspirational digital professionals who have all done a u-turn in their careers and ended up in the industry. We’ll be hearing from a former musician, anthropologist, chef, photographer and aspiring midwife who are now working in digital businesses across the city.

This time, we are opening the conversation up to you, the audience for a…

Shaa Ravi is a talented business analyst, Cranfield University graduate, STEM ambassador and proud Mum. Her journey into the tech world began when she was a young girl in India, and her path is certainly an inspiring one. Discover her story below.

To me, programming is an art. Back in India, where I’m originally from, I realised in secondary school that programming came naturally to me, and I considered myself a born artist in that aspect. Fast forward a few years, and it was time to choose a specialism for my undergraduate degree at university. I immediately chose computer science as my major, and that’s where I learnt that there was much more to computers than just programming.

Upon completing my computer science engineering degree, I was selected to work for one of India’s top software service consultancy houses (part of the…

Laura is currently Head of Digital and Planning at full service creative agency, Banana Kick. Her journey into digital started in the analogue world of photography management and catalogue production, but after moving to a Manchester advertising agency she transitioned into digital by accident working in a team that managed digital communications for one of the ‘Big Four’ supermarkets. Read her full story below.

I am Laura, Head of Digital at a full-service creative agency, Banana Kick. I manage the digital team to deliver integrated and digital-first campaigns for our existing and new clients. One day we can be doing a social media strategy for an event launch, the next we’ll be working on a new website with our brand team, to bring the client to life online. I love the variety of the role as well as the opportunity to manage and develop a great team.

My pathway into digital started at my first agency, working in a team that worked on creating…

Phoebe Conner’s journey to Digital Marketing started like many others, with a degree worlds away from tech. Phoebe’s passion for her blog and curiosity in increasing blog views with SEO gave her the confidence to leave a well-paid job as a Mortgage Advisor to work in SEO.

My route into the industry I currently work in, Digital Marketing, could be described as convoluted at best.

At the age of 17, whilst beginning the process of applying for university, I became aware that I might need to start deciding what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. That’s a pretty overwhelming thought for a teenager.

For as long as I can remember, I have been completely in love with writing and literature, it was what I felt confident and passionate about at school and it was what I wanted to find my future career in…

Lizzie Lewington has forged an incredibly successful career in digital, that began by creating code on a video game 30 years ago. Lizzie’s passion and skill for digital have seen her excel throughout her career, in both web design and SEO. Now heading up international SEO strategy for one of the top search agencies in the North, this is her #Wheredidyoustart story.

My interest in tech started when I was just five. It was 1985 and my dad had bought us an Amstrad 464, meaning I got to play Chuckie Egg 2 and Battleships to my heart’s content.

Later that year, a new computer shop opened at the end of our street and I remember looking around it with my dad. I found a clear, see-through joystick, and all the different coloured wires fascinated me. My dad must have known how much I loved it because he bought me it — a rare treat and I was thrilled!

He also bought me…

Meet Xuefei Wen, an Artificial Intelligence Engineer at Crisp. With a solid background in computer science, Xuefei’s role involves protecting people from risks on social media, and she spends her time building techniques for image recognition. Learn all about her vital work and route into the world of digital in her #Wheredidyoustartstory.

I stumbled into the digital world from university, somewhat accidentally. My dream was to be a teacher so I applied to study Biology at a Chinese university that had a solid reputation of cultivating teachers.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the grades for biology, but I did for computer science. At that time my knowledge of computers was limited. I knew about online chatting and computer games, but not much else. It was a tough start to university as I had no idea what our lecturers were talking about (programming…?). …

Meet Charlotte Tyson. Despite early redundancy and health setbacks, her resilience, determination and passion for marketing has seen her work her way up to a prestigious E-Commerce Analyst role at one of the largest purchasing organisations in Yorkshire. Continually wanting to improve and further her skillset, discover Charlotte’s inspiring #WhereDidYouStart story below.

Throughout school I loved studying textiles, it was my passion and what I always wanted to do. Then university applications came along. I was a home-bird and didn’t want to leave Hull to go to university, but a textile course wasn’t something that the University of Hull offered.

By A Level, I’d started to study business and this was an area that I loved and thrived in, so I decided to take the leap and study a BA Business degree at Hull University. …

It’s Ada Lovelace Day! Ada Lovelace’s contribution to technical science has had such a profound impact on computer advancement that we’re still benefiting from her creation of the very first computer code.

In fact, you can thank Ada for being able to read this blog post right now.

Aside from her code and entrepreneurial insight into the future use of computers, Augusta Ada King-Noel, Countess of Lovelace, also left behind a powerful message to women — a message of inequality, injustice and deceit.

Ada was the only legitimate daughter of the famous English poet, Lord Byron. Worried that Ada would inherit her father’s erratic and flamboyant tendencies, her mother ensured that Ada was tutored in more practical subjects, specifically Math and Sciences, subjects in which Lady Byron herself was well skilled.

When she was only 17, Ada had the chance to meet Charles Babbage at a party and…

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We showcase talented women in digital in our #wheredidyoustart campaign to raise their profile and encourage other women to join our industry.

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