Venice Beach Boardwalk, Los Angeles California

My very first time walking through the Venice Beach Boardwalk in Los Angeles, California was absolutely breathtaking! The instant sight of palm trees lining one side of the boardwalk while the other side swarmed with gift shops and places to eat made me realize that I was in the perfect summertime atmosphere! The streets were occupied with welcoming faces and fur babies taking in the local scenery. I could’nt help but admire the graffiti artwork on walls, trees and even buildings! It showed a sense of openness and creativity that I am not able to find at home. The creativity doesn’t stop there! While walking through the boardwalk I was also able to observe other types of talents. For example, I watched as a young man and his friend jumped over a crowd of people! Their skills of strength and flexibility had others in awe! I also witnessed another man painting on a canvas while the lady beside him sold her homemade jewelry! Not only did these people inspire me, they sparked my motivation! To be able to watch a view only in the movies and then get to stand exactly where they filmed is in my opinion AMAZING! That is exactly what happened when I arrived at C.V.S near Venice Beach! When I looked up and realized that one of my favorite shows, “ Californiacation” shot the exact clown hanging above the store entrance for their intro, I was completely ecstatic! This is just some of what I was able to mentally capture out of one of the most memerable places I have been able to explore! Between the outdoor gym and the water softly kissing the sand, the Venice Beach Boardwalk is the perfect trip for just about anyone!