By Sheeba Faruqui
Humans are perhaps the most inquisitive souls, as long as others are concerned but to themselves, they either have the tendency to either lie or hide or rather escape. It is not a generalisation but if one start listing some of the most famous diary entries, these are the traits we may end up finding in pretty much all of them. It does not matter how well written the entry is, whether it spills simplicity or a profound knowledge of entire literature, it will, by all means, reveal some of the most hidden aspects of human nature.
It is perhaps the reason why diaries are the most fancied stuff and and if its an inked one! Nothing intrigues more. Who could have imagined that 'The diary of a young girl' would bring into light the lives of Anne frank and a million other Jews and the atrocities faced by these inhabiting Germany witnessing Holocaust. The compilation of short stories on pages in a hardbound diary would give Franz Kafka the recognition of the most celebrated author of twentieth century. The memoirs of Virginia Woolf would lead to the acceptance of the fact that people as accomplished and as celebrated as hers can be tormented by mental illnesses and that psychiatric illnesses like any other illness can be equally painful and devastating to the person. The description of the lives of people living in a Taliban encroached Swat valley would fetch a young activist the most celebrated award of all times.
Fear, can lead you to trust nobody but yourself. Fear of forthcoming atrocities, fear of being judged, fear of criticism, like the ones quoted above. There’s another kind of fear too, fear of Oblivion. This! Amongst all kind of fears, is the most dreaded one. Adolf Hitler! Hu Jintao! Saddam Hussain! Might probably had not transformed into what they became if not for this. One of the most famous children film of my times revolves around a Dark Lord, so afraid of oblivion that he decided to leave parts of his soul in objects in order to immortalise himself. Leaving a part of your soul, isn’t this what the ink does to your diary? Does that make the diary as fragile and as vulnerable as you are? Or does it leave you with the impression that within those ink stained pages lies all your weaknesses, leaving you with nothing but strength.
If diaries are so powerful why is it that not so many of us choose to pen ourselves down on those dust covered pages for the rest of our lives. What could perhaps be more enriching? Where do rest of us choose to reside? I am not of the opinion that some of us are not at all vulnerable , that some of us have nothing to share. Afterall! It is this vulnerability of ours that makes us what we are. Is it possible that certain persons can be breathing and walking diary entries in themselves. Like diaries you entrust them with your most joyous moments, your darkest secrets, memoirs of seconds where your heart skipped that beat, anything and everything that makes your heart pound! Are these people the reasons why you choose not to write even after listening to such alluring and entralling tales of all those who did? Are they so bewitching or worth more than the fear and vulnerability? I’d leave it up to you to decide.

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