The Majority Report

Will Sheehan
Sep 3 · 2 min read

Today I am excited to unveil a little side project I have been tinkering on called The Majority Report, get it? The goal is to provide a reference for all things reporting for the Augur protocol. Augur prediction markets are secured by a decentralized oracle comprised of a round based dispute resolution system. REP holders who disagree with the tentative resolution of a particular market have an opportunity to stake increasing amounts of REP on another outcome. With over a year under its belt Augur has had a number of high profile disputes like bastille where >17k REP were disputed, however in retrospect bastille was a very simple dispute. As reporters continue to hone their (quite complicated) jurisprudence I felt that I needed a better reference for what their jurisprudence actually was. Traders, reporters, and market creators can all benefit from understanding a fickle group of REP holders.

I have curated a group of precedents that have repeatedly deemed markets invalid. They are not perfect and often overlapping, but will be continually honed and updated as augur and the majority report continues to mature.

The Augur v2 transition in the new year brings with it a number of reporting improvements, namely an invalid outcome and continuous and pre-staked reporting rounds, all of which are great as long as users understand the _rules_, and hopefully the Majority Report can speed up that understanding.

The site is very much an MVP and I encourage feedback as issues on the Github repo or you can message me on twitter or at “will sheehan” on the augur discord!

Happy Reporting!

Will Sheehan

Written by

Trader // Engineer, tinkering on crypto and prediction markets

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