No government assistance, no automatic acceptance of society as a normal practice, and you had to…

Teen pregnancy is not and has never been looked at acceptingly. At least not since the days when women were expected to get married and start baring children at 15–16, which was a lot longer than several generations ago. There were county ran welfare systems across most of the country in the late 1800's, although minorities were excluded from this. It was just for the poor white people. In 1909 Teddy Roosevelt initiated the ‘Poor Mothers Act’, which went into effect in 1911, however once again benefiting only white single mothers. The federally ran welfare system (though I’ll admit poorly ran now a days) was instituted solely because of the great depression in the 1930's.

It’s true our country in earlier times maybe took more pride in self reliance. The economic disasters that forced this country into initiating programs to assist its poor citizens were solely to blame on the people running this country. I don’t like the government taxing my money any more than you do. For one I really don’t know where it’s going. I would much rather allocate that 25% of my paycheck where I feel it’s needed. But let’s blame the people who should be blamed, not the people who have a good heart and are just looking out for those less fortunate. Because I promise you, it doesn’t matter what side of the isle they sit on, no one in D.C. gives a damn about any of us. Every vote in congress is up for auction, and the highest bidders going to get it.

Being involved, and open to dialogue about issues this country is struggling to solve is what we need a lot more of instead of the struthious’s that make up a huge percentage of our population. I don’t disagree with all your points. However the programs eliminating teen pregnancy are working, so terminating them makes no sense. It’s saving the country money in the long run, there’s no doubt about it.