One of the most recommended uses of numerology is done in Baby names. These names have the direct influence of personality, destiny and as well as life character in combination with numbers directly. Numerology defines that there are relationships between almost all life statements with numbers. These numerical combinations plays considerable role in predicting life defining moments and decisions that can change the outcome to better life.

Sheelaa M Bajaj is considered one of the best Numerologists in Bangalore with lot of recommendation for naming the new born and making minor adjustments in your names that will give better advantages in career and business decisions altogether. In naming baby two main things are generally taken and studied that we are going to discuss now. These basic numbers have specific traits that they display in their life and alphabetical order to start with first name of the baby.

Alphabetical Order

All twenty six characters numbers in the English language are given numbers which are based from 0 to 1 respectively. Counting starts from one (1) and so on which results in characters A, J and S are given number 1; B, K and T 2; C, L and U 3; D, M and V 4; E, N and W as 5; F, O and X as 6; G, P and Y as 7; H, Q and Z as 8; I and R as 9 respectively. These numbers are assigned as the first digit only for baby name. When the complete name is pronounced the total must also be calculated in adherence. 
 For example: Manoj is defined as 4+1+5+6+1 = 17 which is further reduced to number 8. This number reflects that the person with Manoj name will have its character and personality defined around number 8. This number is often called as your life number.

Numerical Traits

These baby names are made according to special number now these also simultaneously reflect physical traits as per their life number. Starting with number 1 who shows qualities of leader, they are cool headed and has charming personality to deal with. Those with life number 2 are gentler in their physique with more flexible routine in their life and are better when placed in job of visualising. People with number 3 life number are brave and more systematic approach in their decisions plus they are considerably art lovers. Creativity, religious and emotional nature are the domination trends in with baby names that have life number 4.

Romantic and diplomat are the defining characteristic for number 5 with high intelligence. People with number 6 are more responsible in their duties and generous in personal behaviour. Now with number 7 are positivity, optimistic with better understanding and thoughtful decisions are usual personal traits. People with 8 as their life number are power seeker, stubborn and show confident in their work. When comes to number 9 people are intelligent, orator and generous towards doing their daily routine in life.

Now using these number combinations predictions about life partner, success in business and other similar things are done by numerologists before providing the right fix for your life situations. Many parents have consulted baby Names By Numerology in Bangalore with Sheelaa ji and with her guidance as well as experience got their baby named according to personal preference. She is well known personality and got fame with her daily shows on Aaj Tak TEZ channel. Her appointments are open to all people and are met with right guidance as well as life solutions.

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