Understanding Numerology of Number 1

Numerology is one interesting topic of the esoteric sciences that is known to have deeper effect on the life of the human beings. Each number from 0 to 9 transcends different characteristics, personality, behaviour, career choices and compatibility choices that correspond to life. Here we are going to understand the multiple patterns, variations and numerology predictions associated with number 1.

Numerology of number 1 is conveyed when people are born on the date with 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th of any month. There are many great religious heads, political leaders and administrators have with excellent future predictions. Whereas on the bad side you will have enemies if you don’t work hard things might fall apart very easily. Poor visions, hyper tensions and heart diseases are most often associated with numerology 1 persons.


Those who are born with number 1 numerology they are ruled by Sun. People associated with number 1 are often show leadership drives as well being complete independent and individualistic in approach. Physically masculine focused, maintain dignity with confidence and proud in the things they do. These number 1 humans are born aggressive in doing their activities, progressive, self starter, self-reliant as well as constructive with rebellious nature standing on their point always. Being associated with primary number 1 they have primal force within themselves to create balance between life choices without exemplary skills after being related with number 1 specifically. There are few positive and negative characteristics that are assumed with this numerology of number 1. Politics and government jobs are most suited being judgemental. Although there are also few negative attributes being shown to have connection with number 1. They can be selfish, stubborn undisciplined and weak in health that can be found surrounding the people associated with this number 1.


Marriage compatibility number 1 is good with number 2 and 4 although with number 2 are more ideally matched for lifetime whereas number 4 leaves them after few good years. Whereas those born with number 8 also shows greater affinity towards with people born on number 1. Marriage with same number 1 is to be completely avoided as both will try to dominate each other which results in quarrel and fights. For normal life 3, 5 and 6 are good numbers too with minor adjustments that will carry your life forward. Number 7 and 9 might not live happily married life with number 1 born. Although there are difficulties and implications but with some simple numerology solutions you can reduce the wrong effects of these unmatched compatibility between numbers.

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