Meeting NYC Men

Meeting women in NYC has been a treat. Meeting ambitious, driven, passionate women, who want friends that are passionate and driven as well was a nice change from anywhere else I’ve lived. It motivated me to pursue my passions and not be afraid to work hard for it.

It’s not catty like in the movies. There’s no backstabbing or throwing you under the bus (well, there’s always a few bad peaches), but for the most part, every woman I met was sweet, smart, and interesting.

Meeting men in NYC was a nightmare. New York is like an incubator for conceited testosterone. They care a lot about telling you their job title, implied salary, and what school they graduated from (although school name becomes irrelevant after awhile since everyone is from a top tier school).

Dating was a nightmare, because they all just want to impress you. What happened to genuine conversations in a cafe about common interests and the latest movies. They’ve been replaced by artisanal coffee shops where some hipster takes 40 minutes to make your $10 coffee and no one says “movies” anymore. They’re called films and no one actually watches any of them. They just talk about the Cannes Awards.

There are a few treasures buried deep in the train stations of NYC, but they’re usually taken. They have a girlfriend, they’re married, or they’re moving out of NY soon.

I wonder if that’s why there are so many doggy daycares.