Session 3// Cupcakes and Cookies

On the 12th we made cupcakes and cookies:

Left: my cupcake// Right: teacher’s less fat version of cupcake

Compare your cupcakes to the ones made by your teacher (less fat version). Which cupcakes are healthier? Why?

My teacher’s less fat version of the cupcake is healthier as trans fats (found in products like margarines and shortening, which is what is found a lot in cakes and cookies) can raise bad cholesterol. Too much fats in general is not good for your body. The less fat version of the cupcake allows you to enjoy food healthily but still deliciously.

Which do you prefer? Why?

Not going to lie, I preferred my cupcake. This was because it was sweeter and me and my friend had put bananas into our cupcake to experiment and see how it would taste. I liked it as it was a chocolate-banana cupcake, and because the flavours were good together.

Show three ways you can make cupcakes healthier.

  1. For recipes that require cream or milk, you can substitute then with low-fat milk or reduced-fat cream
  2. Make mini cupcakes instead of normal sized ones. This should help u control how much you’re eating in one go.
  3. To lower the fat content in ­cupcakes, eliminate egg yolks. Eggs have about 75 calories and five grams of fat per egg and all the fat is found in the yolk. Try using two egg whites for each whole egg called for. (found from
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