There are very few times that push you to write. Emotions have to ooze out that you just cannot contain them. Feelings are everywhere and there is an urgency to share, to put it down. Isn’t writing so beautiful? It is so pure, it is real and it is for an eternity.
I don’t know how many of you saw the movie –Highway and then how many of you liked it but something within me changed fundamentally after watching it. The movie is in my system and every morning I need to tell myself to shake it off, it is just a movie. I think it will take its due course of time…Well, I just wanted to share my experience with all the fellow admirers of Highway and would LOVE to hear different perspectives on what touched you the most about it. I watched it a good 9 times by now and I am not kidding. Every time I took away a different message from it or a moment I had not appreciated the previous time I had watched it. I loved the movie in every sense of the word and for every second that is put up there on the celluloid.
There are many things to take away from Highway and I can’t say it all..The primary thing that swept me off my feet is how beautifully Imtiaz has lent meaning to silence. I really don’t think it is all about Alia or Randeep (although they were phenomenal), it has more to do with the guy who penned these characters down and shot such a beautifully amazing journey. It was incredible to see Veera talk out loud about child abuse and in the backdrop you could see Mahabir’s body language changing, subtly. It was so special to see the silent moment where she made him (a stranger and her kidnapper) hug her to feel a little better in the moment. Well, to say that Mahabir’s smile at the bus stop did not take my heart away would be a lie. That was such a defining moment for the film, so well shot. And the scenes shot on the mountain top and the hut are in a class of their own. I do agree with people who say Alia defied age and experience and brought Veera to life.
“Baat kitna karti hai” were Mahabir’s first words of amicable “interaction” with her ..so apt :) and how beautiful to follow it with a bus-rooftop journey amidst such beautiful mountains. You feel alive!
About the simple facts – “Sab pahad apne hi hai, koisa bhi chun le”. Mahabir talks so little yet speaks volumes.

About the harsher facts of life..ha ha I really feel - "hum yahan tameez dikhane aayen hain?" And I also wish life was on wheels as in the movie. You kept moving..staying in a place is no good. To keep going somewhere else is the essence of life (for me), stopping is like dying. I don’t know if you feel the same way but you can breathe in the movie. Throughout. And I think, when she gets back home to all the grandeur made me feel so claustrophobic.
I feel the movie is a feast for a travel loving person and someone who constantly seeks adventure in life..The song “Patakha Guddie” will unfailingly instill life within you..And the funniest moment in the movie..Aadoo’s dance…I laughed like a maniac.
And most importantly it will take me a long while to come to terms with the fact that Mahabirs don’t exist. I really wish they did, even if they weren’t kidnappers. Someone who had a silence hard to break through and someone who did not reek of lust. But then such is fiction.
Anyway, I take a bow - Imtiaz! I have not seen a better film all my life. There have been so many movies that are special- you love some, you are shaken by some, moved by some and inspired by some.
And then there are some that stay with you, intact, and the beauty of it lingers on…
In some ways it is like liberation..ha ha I don’t know..maybe that is pushing it..but the only problem now is- what to watch next? Nothing is good enough..
Waiting to hear from fellow admirers of the movie! Expect typos, written in a hurry...
Legend for my non-hindi speaking friends (Haha, I am just trying to translate :) )
"Baat kitna karti hai" - "How much do you chatter"
"Sab pahad apne hi hai, koisa bhi chun le" - "All the mountains belong to us, pick the one you like the most"
"hum yahan tameez dikhane aayen hain?" - "Have we come to existence to manifest the norms of the society?"
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