It’s Easy to Switch Careers

Once upon a time there was a knowledgeable, bright woman. She was 18 years of age when she started her career. While persuading her studies, she used to work full time. She didn’t know how to go about it and manage both together. Luckily one of her friend gave her an opportunity to work with a small advertising company, considering she was a learner so she grabbed things fast. The skills and knowledge that she gained this turned her into a bright employee.

With hard work and determination, she got a job in one of the best agency in the country. Everyone was proud of her! Everyday she used to go the office and work with her team on the brands and try to add some value. She worked hard switched in multiple agencies and created a name in the Industry, she spent 8 years in advertising now and slowly she began to realize that this is not what she wants to do. Questions, thoughts disturbed her was: Is this what she plan to do? Did she get into advertising and made advertising as her passion because she had no scope at that point in time? Does she need to change her career path? She couldn’t leave her existing job without getting one in hand as money was an important factor in her life. She was workaholic and it was a very frustrating moment for her. She dint know how to go about it and handle this situation.

She took a long breathe and agreed to the fact that only she can change her situation. Everyday she used to spend a lot of time by herself considering the options that she had and what she could opt for. Different approaches arrived in her mind daily like — to start her own company? Get into production house? Learn something new, but what? One day on her advice of her husband, as she strongly believes in him and for her he is the only person whose advice is being strongly considered in her life and so till date she cherishes her past experiences and gives her career credits to her husband. She checks out Udacity and the Nanodegree programs that they offered which are built and recognized by the top tech companies in the world!

While she was browsing through the Udacity subjects, she stumbled upon the Digital Marketing Nanodegree which was instantly appealing to her because she was not ready to give up her professional completely but at the same time she knew the fact that digital has more scope considering her existing role. She used to spend a lot of time on Social media, did most of her shopping online, purchasing grocery and was tech savvy. Her life was revolved around e-commerce.

She finally settled with Udacity DMND Program as she was very excited about the fact that You can build a portfolio during the course by doing some real-world courses. This is just a 3 Months course the best part was she dint had to give up on her existing job and she could simultaneously learn something new and upgrade her skills. This was giving her an exposure to learn by having a live mentor ship. She could do it at her own pace and she could build a successful online presence.

Currently, she is studying and working hard on her projects and soon she will be switching her career to Digital! How do I know that? That’s because this story is about me!

I am rest assured and I have a very positive feeling that Udacity will take care of my career!


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