Drawing strength from self!
In an instance when you go the toughest phase of your life, embodying the warrior spirit, doing your best to cope up with crisis. And invariably at such times, it's an innate human tendency, to hold on to someone/something as a "saving grace" 
Ex :- your job, your loved one, your children, your hobby etc- 
You start looking up for help, support, encouragement, strength from that pillar of strength.
What happens when the "saving grace" you considered, also begins to slowly weed away & go off your space? 
What if that job goes away, your Travel plans fail, your loved one migrates to another country, your kids maintain distance etc- 
What do you do in such a case??? When the strength you thought you had, begins to wear thin!
Initially you will conclude one of the below 
- he/she doesn't love me
- my planets aren't right
- Time isnt favouring me
- God is testing me
- I'm born unlucky 
- I'm supposed to suffer
- it's Karma or a past life issue!

I would like to invite you to a new possibility
What if it's *none* of the above and merely Life giving you an opportunity to:-

- upscale yourself 
- draw strength from *within*
- bank on yourself 
- get more self reliant 
- spend more time alone to understand what's truly going on within
- develop the most intimate bond with yourself 
- making yourself your priority 
- heal yourself the way you perceive is your best *medicine*

What if the purpose of you being left alone was *not* to punish you but to *pep you up* & help you rebuild your muscle of *resilience*

What if Life is gearing up to make you *your own medicine* 
Your own *powerhouse of strength*

What if this phase actually turns out to be a blessing for you to take your life to the next level of possibility?

It led me to write this article, where do you get led??
Meet me on the other of this helpeleness, hopelessness & despair! 
What lies on this side is 
*renewed self esteem, light & fortitude*

See you on the other side! 
Waiting to rejoice with you! 
Till then, sending lots of love, light & strength to guide you on your journey!

Sheetal R Ahuja
Taking the leap of faith